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VTU Year Back System Will Be Cancelled Or Not [UPDATED]

VTU Year Back System Will Be Removed or Not

The VTU year back or carry-over system is one of the real problem faced by the students studying in colleges that affiliated to vishweshwaraiah technological university. By the way, this is not the first time rumors spread on about VTU year back system. We hear this almost every year.

The students are pretty confident that this time around VTU is going to cancel the Year back system. We did ask them about the source of information they replied that their college principal told them but how accurate is this only time will tell.

Why should VTU year back system be canceled?

The year back concept does not exist in any other universities in India or anywhere else in the world. We all are aware that student is going to lose a complete year if they get a year back. Wasting a year only to pass a subject is entirely unfair.

Some of the other reasons this time are that the students currently studying in the 3rd year are the last batch to complete the 2010 scheme. If a student gets a year back now, then they have to study 2015 CBCS syllabus for the final year. The crash semester exam results will be published along with their corresponding 6th and 8th-semester exam. Crash Course students hardly had 15 days before they can write the regular examination.

What are the rules for a year back?

  • A candidate seeking eligibility for the 3rd semester should not have failed in more than four subjects of first and second semesters taken together.
  • A student is eligible for the 5th semester if they have passed in all the subjects of 1st and 2nd semesters and should not have failed in more than four subjects of third and fourth semesters taken together.
  • For 7th semester eligibility, a student should have passed in all the subjects up to 4th semester and should not have failed in more than four subjects of 5th and 6th semesters taken together.

Will VTU cancel year back system?

First, let me tell you guys a story. In the year 2012, some students filed a petition against the VTU year back system. However, the High Court of Karnataka ruled out the petition quoting “Students should know the rules before joining VTU or any of its affiliated colleges.”

In a recent interview, VTU Vice-chancellor Karisiddappa told that

I request students to go through VTU guidelines carefully. What students are asking is, allow them to appear for the next year though they have many backlogs. We cannot do it, and This is not fair on students part as well. If students have backs, it is a real burden for them.

So in conclusion, we all want VTU year back system gone for good. However, from the above statement of VTU Vice-chancellor, the likeliness of this happening is next to impossible. We do not think students who are signing online petitions on websites like change.org, is going help in any way too as we can find hundreds of similar threads on those sites written a long time ago. Sorry to disappoint, but we have to accept the truth.


Some group of the student are planning a rally and protest against VTU on August 18th. If you are against VTU year back system and seeking justice. We would advise you to join them and make it a successful one.

Students have reached out almost every media regarding the year back, and the response by media was positive too. Over 20 state newspapers and few provincial print media have reported this issue. Advertisements are posted throughout the city and also in the presence of some engineering colleges.


New update guys, now there will be two protests one in Chikballapur on August 17th. Next day that is on August 18th there will be rally taking place from city railway station to freedom park. The AIDSO volunteers and VTU students struggle committee members have done all the hard work. Now students just have to join in the protest.

Protest in Chikballapur was successful here are the details to join in Bangalore:

18th of August
9:00 AM
City railway station main gate, Bangalore.

Today there was a protest in Bidar at 10:30 AM from Bareed Shahi Hotel to Deputy Commissioner’s Office via Ambedkar Circle. On 23rd August the protest will be held in Vijaypur at the venue Gandhi Chowk.

The protest against VTU year back system was very successful all over Karnataka than anyone would have imagined. All the newspaper and other similar publications mentioned about this issue. There are still protest going on in few other remaining states. Now we have to sit back and wait for the response from VTU.

The response of VC after protest

For all the students who were asking about the response of VC on the year back system. We finally have an update this is what Vice Chancellor said that he will be calling a meet next week to discuss the demands of students. Intellectuals have promised to talk to concerned authorities, and Minister is favoring students.


  • Remove YB & Critical Year back System for 2010 Batch Students.
  • Provide Supplementary Examination for CBCS Scheme Students.

To pressurize, VTU students struggle committee and AIDSO have planned to hit the street. All VTU colleges bundh on September 1st. This is the movement for students to show their strength and stay united. Posters attached to every college entrances to spread awareness. Share this with every VTU students, It’s now or never!!

  • Date 26/8/2017 press meet in Gulbarga.
  • Date 27/8/2017 press meet in Davanagere.

Latest Update on VTU Year Back System

Today AIDSO volunteers officially contacted many college principals. If you want to check the list of colleges please visit our Facebook page link is provided at the end. Remaining colleges in Bangalore will be covered tomorrow.

Why did AIDSO contact all college principals and what are its benefits?

As we all know, in the previous meet with VC, he said that there will be an executive council meeting on 30/08 and all college principals meeting on 31/08 regarding our protests and what should be the measure to solve all these issues.
One thing which is surprising and unbelievable is that each and every college principals are disappointed with VTU regarding examination system and no supplementary. We have submitted the request letter to all these college principals, and they have promised us that they will stand with students in this regard.

Why would college principals support students?

This is the question, but the catch here is, this time more than 30,000 Engineering seats are vacant and most of the students either shifting to autonomous or other courses because of CBCS and no supplementary in VTU.
College managements are extremely disappointed by lack of admissions this year, and all principals and management are with us.

What should students do?

In order to put more pressure on the next meeting, we are calling for a statewide bundh of VTU colleges on September 1st, and no principals are opposing it.
Obviously, they can’t support it openly because of affiliation with VTU, but it is our right to protest, and no colleges will force you to attend on that day.
Now it’s your turn to abandon classes on 01/09/2017 and head over to Mysore Bank Circle Bangalore.

No student shall attend classes on 01/09.
Protest venue: Mysore Bank Circle at 9:00 AM.

Regular Updates Here:

Update [12/09]

VTU Year back system is canceled for Non-CBCS students. To know more check our facebook page. For further clarification please click on the link below and play this audio
https://goo.gl/v1avzS or download from here https://goo.gl/TN2CxN.

AIDSO or the VTU struggle committee is yet to receive any update from VTU. We have worked through all the sources, but we are forced to wait. Until they release it officially we can’t say anything at this moment. Please have an eye on the official website for the circular and try to stay away from rumors. Don’t worry we will update too once we an official update.

Update [08/09/17]

Just checked the inbox on our social media and found a lot of messages. We can’t answer each and everyone, so we collected the most asked questions and wrote this post.

* Did today’s meet got cancel?
No there was a board of studies meet today.

* What is the update on the year back system?
Today was the board of studies meeting, but we have to wait for the final decision which will be out after the academic senate and executive council meeting held on 11th and 12th September. If VTU decides to declare what happened in the meet today, then we will surely update it.

* I have heard that only critical year back is canceled is it true?
Nothing official, yet it’s just the rumor ignore it.

Update [04/09]

VTU struggle committee has met the board of studies members in Bangalore and explained the problems and demands.
Joint board of studies meeting is postponed from September 5th to September 8th, as many of the members asked to postpone the meeting due to the busy schedule.

After the protest, VTU VC has called for a meeting of the joint board of studies on 5th September. Check out our facebook page for more information.

1st September will be remembered as a historic student movement. More than 140 colleges completely shut down, and thousands of students are on roads protesting. This is students power!!

College principals meeting on 31/08 is over no updates regarding the meet yet. 1st September is the day to show what is students unity and what it can achieve. Make sure every student join the protest, venue and time are mentioned above.

Date 30/08 there was a protest against VTU in Davangere and VTU regional office Nagarbhavi. Photos and Video are posted in Facebook page link below don’t forget like the page for regular updates. https://www.facebook.com/vtupro

More updates will be updated here soon. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter to get all the latest updates regarding VTU Year Back. If you have any issue or need help Comment down below or Contact us at https://vtupro.com/contact/.


  1. plz cancel year back system cbCs scheem other wise give supplementary exam to cbse students yearback is very cruel punishment all students are not be rich all are poor and middle class Weaste of a 1 year is the whole family will suffer for this so plz cancel the year back system

  2. please cancel the year back system for CBCS students… please. even we paid money for Photocopy, we got it but we didn’t get valuated paper. what the hell is this!!! please cancel the year back system for CBCS students plzzz. atleast give 1 chance by giving suplimentary please…. dont paly with students life…

  3. Please cancel year back for cbcs ..I am suffering year back only by one critical subject … please help us …

  4. my dear children, nowhere in India in any university this kind of stupid rule is there. You guys write to the ruling congress party and also to ruling BJP at Center. Request them to cancel this year back. It is student’s head ache to feel burden or not. University’s rule is really weird. A student may prove completing all subjects in a single attempt. There could be various reasons for a student for backlogs-financial, economical, social, family, personal, travel, health etc., . So VTU should remove this kind of year back rules. It is not apt for VTU to harass the tender minds.

    Until the Government’s are questioned, these rules won’t change.

  5. Please cancel year back system for cbcs students if they have only one backlog only for that one backlog they have to waste one year ..don’t play with students life

  6. vtu has given 1 time exit scheme only for UG students of NON-CBCS, n not considered PG students.. its totally unfair, same as BE students, MCA students of NON-CBCS r also facing same problem of YB and v cant continue with new syllabus (CBCS) and its grading system is completely different from NON-CBCS.
    it vl b big burden to students if its YB nw.. plzzzz help PG students (MCA).. plzzzzzzzzz
    wasting 1 year for 1 subject is really cruel punishment

  7. PLZ sir kuch karo cbcs students ke liy,time jaa raha hai plzzzzzzzzz kuch kijiye…kuch bhi updates bhi nai dere aap.support karo sir CBCS students walun ap ki help ki zarurat bht zhaaa hai

  8. Please we also need justice.. please remove critical year back and year back also..plsss give a chance…plsss..even we suffered alot from exams… really…need to die…dtz nly one option I have left…I can’t show my face to ma parents…I haven’t yet told my parents..they have so many hopes from us..and for rv also I have arranged all the money.. don’t nw how much pressure we have…plsss do something fast as soon as possible

  9. Plz cancel critical year back system for CBCS scheme students. Also other wise all students will doing strike & rally. Give the opportunity for CBCS scheme. Plzzzz

  10. According to the latest update,VTU has again denied the demand of nearly 20000 non-cbcs students.at this point of time,i along with many who fought really hard towards the cancellation of the year back system feel like it all went in vein.Its like all the non-cbcs students are like coma patients,and the vtu has kept all of us on oxygen mask to extend the life without evening having the probability of coming back to life.Its of no use and many would prefer to rather first clear the exams,get the eligibility then join their 3rd or 4th year.

  11. AKshay sir plz help cbcs students we need only 1 chance plzzzzzzzzz sir do something for cbcs students tel vc to atleast provide supplementry exam for cbcs students. I have mental pressure bcoz of year back. My parents are very upset with my results this is do or die situation for me plz do something

  12. The difference between previous crash course system and this modified version is that ,in previous crash course system we were not allowed to attend the classes of current semester until we clear the eligibility criteria…..this time they have allowed us to attend the current semester classes…and the of current semester exams will be in Jan- Feb, after we clear our eligibility criteria for that particular year, from December exam… Instead of in May-June along with the upcoming semester subjects (like 7th and 8th together)…vtu has given us time to clear our backs but didn’t remove the YB….this is what I have understood from what I have heard…

  13. Akashy it’s better to do the bundh again wat VTU IS thinking already in Tamil Nadu one girl died because of the Neet exam again in Karnataka also u want to die the students like that ha if u won’t cancel the yb for both cbcs and non cbcs means we students will show our power and we know wat to do so just cancel the year back for both the scheme

  14. Akashy wat is going on in VTU u said yb canceled for NON CBCS right but the guy Paul is telling that the VTU didn’t cancel the year they just have modified the crash course what Is this what is the use of protest and bunch which we students did the VTU Vc is very clear so only he just modified the crash course see this is many students life or death matter so please cancel the year back for both cbcs and non cbcs students okay otherwise we students will show our power Akashy u please update proper details okay please brother

  15. Vtu is really intelligent…what I have heard is that if a student gets YB, he/she is allowed to attend the the current semester classes but will not be allowed to write that current semester’s final exam on December,but the student will write the back papers on December and if he/she clears the eligibility criteria for the current year, only then the student is allowed to write papers for the current semester….vtu has intelligently modified the crash course system…they did not remove the YB system…(for non-cbcs)..

  16. Sirr please remove this system…. for cbsc scheme also…… please sir one question if u removed only for non..cbsc scheme…. again if there entering in 4th r 3rd year.. again there r belonging to cbsc scheme Lly know sir. …. then y sir say….. please sir my humble request to u sir….. please remove the year back system for cbsc scheme also….. please bcoz ot this lly my future s there to get good job…. Sir please

  17. Sir…. please have concern on the cbsc scheme …. also students are suffering please sir… we Also studentsss Lly… please sir. . .. if we loss 1year we lose our concertation….please sir we want to attend the class … bcoz of this problem we cannot able to attend the class…. please sir

  18. Sirrrrr……..please help CBCS scheme students sir ..it’s too bad .only for non abc’s scheme yb cancellation…..
    Help us sir pls we beg u pls pl please

  19. Critical and year back system cancelled for non cbcs scheme but the conditions which have been given to the non cbcs scheme students is not fair this is really too bad vtu I hate this university.

  20. Plzzzzzzzzz admin of AlDSO tel the vc do something about cbcs students. Or else increase the no of back logs. Plz do smthng for cbcs students plzzzzzzzzz, its my humble request to u plzzzzzzzzz sir

  21. Plzzzzzzzzz admin of AlDSO tel the vc do something about cbcs students, its not fair wid cbcs students atleast they provide the supplementry exam. Or else increase the no of back logs. Plz do smthng for cbcs students plzzzzzzzzz

  22. DAM..VTU wasted my 3+ years idiots . They wont even pay properly the income TAX and all the sudden they will increase the exam fees . for 1 mark and 2 mark basterds they have failed me.
    Cancel the Ducking year back policy dont spoil our life you idiots…

  23. What about cbcs scheme…
    It’s soo mean that cancel YB only for non cbsc ..
    Is there anything good about cbcs scheme

  24. Admin please request for the cbcs scheme to at least increase the number of backlogs we can keep..pls pls admin

  25. Not fair guys….CBCS students have a tougher scheme.Why is VC considering the needs of only non cbcs…very sad 😢

  26. Y no updates wat happened in the meeting today Akashy please update wat they have decided please understand us y u playing with students life Akashy tell me one thing this many of the students have hope that definitely they will cancel year if they won’t cancel means many students for sure they take wrong decision and firstly I will commit suicide please help us please😔😵😱😵😢😢😢💀👾👻🔫

    1. Please do understand our problm…. Please cancel year back for 2010 scheme last batch.. plz… Give us a chance to live….
      Otherwise we might opt for the wrong decision…. Bcz we are in a problm now…
      Please do understand us

  27. Please cancel the yb system sir please this is our request.no other University got this yb problem except this vtu ,and our students are suffering with out job opportunity,other UNIVERSITY students are in good jobs compared to our vtu students.we don’t hav good % too .

  28. These type of irresponsible being the heads of reputed university…
    It’s a shame…
    They’re just consuming time so much just to take a decision regarding students future..
    Ain’t they ashamed?
    Better vtu should be closed permanently n all the colleges under vtu should become deemed university atleast students future will be good.. it’ll be in the hands of the teachers who help us come up in life n make us good students..
    Declare it ASAP Akshay….
    Or else call for another bandh if today isn’t declared anything with respect to students future…
    Waiting for the updates..
    VC n chairpersons of vtu don’t ruin students Life..

  29. Today definitely u people will tell final decision right please don’t delay many students are waiting for ur decision Akshya bro please update okay then again don’t postpone the date

  30. Akshya bro y there is no updates regarding the meeting of today and the final decision what VTU have decided please update bro waiting for u r update only please

  31. It’s almost going to be thirty past six…
    Hasn’t the vtu meeting done yet?
    Update soon what has been decided..
    Many students are sitting with a hope n fear what to do n not to do…

    I seriously don’t know what the hell is wrong with our VC..
    When the whole country doesn’t have that system y does he need to keep.it in his university…
    It’s something special or what??
    Just ruining the life of students.
    Can’t he think from the students point of view and future rather than thinking as a VC n just safekeeping his chair…
    There are many students who have attempted suicide coz of this system n education tactics..
    Give the approval n be on the safer side vtu personnel’s

  32. i have one 2nd yr subject
    n for dat purpose I could not able to enter final year sir help us sir plz cancel year back system
    so I hope u will cancel

  33. Already I had faced many problems and lot of pains only hope I have is my education if that is also not there means I will definitely commit suicide 😢😢😢😢😢😢😖😔

  34. Still how many days u will take for final decision please don’t play with students life please cancel yb and if this time u won’t cancel means _______ die please

  35. plz cancel year back system for 2010 batch you is our vc taking so long to tell the decision
    he wont to kill time and play with studs life plz
    remove year back system for 2010 batch plz
    aidos we belive in you im ready to go to jail for this in protest.

  36. Le magane vc ,pls remove yb system …wat d hell ur thinkin?people cant understand hw much v r requesting means…hell vtu

  37. All semester result declared but my result not came. it shows invalid usn no all ready I lost my 2 years due to yb system my humble request pls cancel yb system and I call vtu help line no they telling wait for one week

  38. Plz when u will be telling weather year back cancel or not y u people are playing with students life VTU tell the final decision Soon

  39. akshay? wt happened fo u? updated something about year back. plz bro. everyone are waiting fo ua update

  40. Comment: plz tl i larnt 1st as 2014 batch student &next yr vtu remove 14 schme giv 10 schm so 2nd yr as 10 schme,, Now 3rd yr i hv 1 cricle sub it in dvt when vtu will remove critic yb it appl for me r nt tl me what,,,,,

  41. Again I got year back because of one subject.please cancel critical subject for 2010 scheme. I think My hole life have to spend in vtu oly.

  42. In india only political decisions are done so please catch educational minister as well cabinet. And protest. Then it will be highlighted. Only political pressure can solve.

  43. Why there is no updates about vc meetings
    Are they even had a meeting today .I doubt
    Hope fully they cancel YB.and give supplementry for cbcs scheme

  44. Just because of one subject I got year back for 2 years and this is the third time… I m fed up of vtu… Me n my parents r being tortured… Please cancel the critical yb rule for 2010 scheme.. Its my humble request.

  45. Dr. M.vishweshvaraya introduced “blocks system” not” back system” if that genius alive today , then he would have say ‘ the year back system is bullshit, time is everything, if the students fail doesn’t mean they are dumb, it means they are not adjustable to theory work, for example ‘ a mechanic who works in a garage can fix a motor ,faster than a guy who studied it in books,

  46. Two days back I saw a circular in vtu website abt conducting a meeting on Sept 5…. Now they have take out that circular from vtu website!!! Some thing fishy going !!!

  47. I am requesting you hard one of my friends did not even say his results to his parents and now suffering a lot how to say that he is year back and I think he is ready to suicide… please help my friend my hope..on vtu😭

  48. Plssss. v beg of ..u
    Plsss cancel year back systemfor this year plssss…from deadlocks…and back locks

    I am from 15 batch…now I have to b 3rd year but… because of 1st year deadlock…and 2nd year backs…

    Plsss remove dz…year back for both cbcs and 2010scheme…plsss
    Our lyf z in ua hands…plssss…

    Dtz sure many will commit sucide

  49. Cancel the year back and critical back rule….once they get year back, it becomes a great mental pressure for a student to get out of it…plz cancel it.

  50. Sir plz cancel critical year back system for cbcs
    Nw I got year back just only 1 sub….so plz sir u must remove the critical year back system it’s humble request from all students plzzzzzzz
    I hope cancle critical year back system…

  51. sir e rules galinda students yelru maneli edre akka pakka da maneyavarinda avamaana galu aguthe aa avamaana sahiskoldene eddaga students galu sucide madkothare sir…students gu aase galu eruthe svr parents kanasugalna nanas madbeku antha adre ond subject enda athva 2 subject enda year back agi manel kuthkondre avr parents gu nodoke agdene korugthare sir..plzz try to understand the students problem…

  52. sir please cancel the critical YB rules..its humble request from all the student..namma parents avr maklu mel thumba kanas etkondirthare sir..yavdo problem enda one subject back agiruthe…aa ondu subject enda 1 year waste madkobeku sir e rules na cancel madidre yesto jana students ge help aguthe sir..

  53. Sir this last batch for 2010 scheme please please …… please cancel critical subject and year back system for 2010 scheme

  54. Please can 1 tell by when we get confirmation yearback will get cancel or not because we r really not able to concentration in any things

  55. A whole year lost due to 1 single subject. It’s not just unfair its cruel . we are the last batch give us a chance!! Plzz

  56. This time the decision must be taken in favour of students as it’s the mistake of the University by introducing CBCS without educating the teachers regarding it .
    The results are very poor and still they are not thinking of it rather creating more confusions and pressure on students

  57. Many of students who have only one sub back and it became a criti sub and they are year back for only one subject its not fair with students..all people agree with this why cant vtu understand the problem and cancel year back system for criti subjects

  58. Plz cancel year bak for 2010 batch
    I need to go to final year
    I have only one back gate subject of 4th Sem only for one subject
    1yrs I must sit
    Plzzz cancel yb for 2010 scheme

  59. plz cancel year back system cbCs scheem other wise give supplementary exam to cbse students yearback is very cruel punishment all students are not be rich all are poor and middle class Weaste of a 1 year is the whole family will suffer for this so plz cancel the year back system

  60. plz cancel yb last year i met with accident and didinot write the 4 th sem exam properly and also one year wasted for me already and i was a non CBSC student but now iam in cbsc class only please cancel the yb

  61. Plssss cancelyear back system for cbcs…plss as v are not eligible for 3rd year because of one r two subjects…

    It is unfair…plsss help us…our life is in your hand…😷😭

  62. REAL STAR UPENDRA….ante.
    en guru nimgu eee vishyudale voice rise madake agtilwa?
    namgu 18 years agide. v are eligible fo voting.
    dud kotti vote hakskolo badlu, atlst students ge hlp madi vote hakskoli

  63. en guru edu…
    media davrge RAPE madudre maatra news telecast madtara?
    students problems na telecast madak agalwa?
    avn yavano KIRIK KEERTHI arkotida….
    avn ellig hoda?
    public tv RANGNATH avre…yake edu kanstilwa?
    uddara agala…makla neevu

    1. Correct pa niv helodu
      ಈಡೀ ದಿನಾ ಬೇಡಾಗಿದ್ದನ್ನೆಲ್ಲಾ ತೋರಿಸ್ತಾರೆ.

  64. guys…..plz .
    I m requesting u all.
    I really don no y u all are requesting tat asshole VC…
    teryakke anta 5 months late agi results announce madudra?
    Problem create madidare…ega sari madle beku.
    plz guys. don request any1.
    v are nt here to request any1.

  65. guru….avn yavano avnu VC??
    I really don no y shld v do all these protest n al?
    VTU created tis problem, n they should solve tis. if we ask for a common man also he will speak in favour of students only.
    becoz of some assholes y shld v simply wst our most precious tim?
    year bak cancel madila andre, MANDYA janru andre yaaru anta torstivi….en aata ankond edana? avnu?

  66. I thnk its not fair to sit in home for whole one year because one criti sub..its not a burden for student but if he is year back then it is a real burden..

  67. i just hv one ppr of 2 sem..nw i vll nt b eligible to 3rd yr coz of it…do i hv to wait fr d entire year to clear one ppr..dis is totally unfair..yb n critical yb shd b removed.

  68. plz cancel the year back system it’s very cruel punishment to vtu students plz cancel this the studentsupport will weast complete 1 year plz cancel the year back system cbCs scheem

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