VTU Results

VTU Results for both CBCS and Non CBCS semester are yet to be announced for examination conducted in December/ January 2017-2018. Exit scheme students results will be announced before any other semester as they have not written regular semester exams. Check your VTU Results, CBCS Results and VTU Revaluation result by entering your USN below.

Results updated for both CBCS and NON-CBCS for all the semester today. VTU Revaluation Results of all the Semester’s announced. M Tech 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 6th Sem results updated. B.E 5th & 7th Semester Crash course result announced for all regions. MBA 4th Semester results announced. Check your results below.

If you were getting the invalid result or withheld earlier but your semester results are already announced then please check try now below. VTU has updated the results database. If you are still getting invalid then please wait for the next update. Download M.tech 4th semester Project results announced.

VTU Results Last Updated on: 16-1-2018 @ 07:00 PM.

Regular VTU Results 2018

VTU Results of SemesterRegionBranchAnnounced or Not
8th Semester ResultsAllAllNot Announced
7th Semester ResultsAllAllNot Announced
6th Semester ResultsAllAllNot Announced
5th Semester ResultsAllAllNot Announced
4th Semester CBCS ResultsAllAllNot Announced
3rd Semester CBCS ResultsAllAllNot Announced
2nd Semester CBCS ResultsAllAllNot Announced
1st Semester CBCS ResultsAllAllNot Announced
5th Semester Exit Scheme ResultsAllAllNot Announced
7th Semester Exit Scheme ResultsAllAllNot Announced

VTU Revaluation Result 2018

VTU Result of SemesterRegionBranchAnnounced or Not
1st Sem Revaluation ResultsnonenoneNot Announced
2nd Sem Revaluation ResultnonenoneNot Announced
3rd Sem Revaluation ResultnonenoneNot Announced
4th Sem Revaluation ResultnonenoneNot Announced
5th Sem Revaluation ResultsnonenoneNot Announced
6th Sem Revaluation ResultnonenoneNot Announced
7th Sem Revaluation ResultnonenoneNot Announced
8th Sem Revaluation ResultnonenoneNot Announced

 How to check the VTU results?

VTU Results
Check Your VTU Results
  • Visit vtupro.com/vtu-results.
  • If you are a student of CBCS scheme then check for the CBCS Results box.
  • For revaluation result check in the third box.
  • Check the table above to know the announcement of your result.
  • Also, don’t forget to check your region and branch.
  • Enter your University Seat number “USN” provided by the college.
  • Click on Result button.
  • If your results are marked as “TO BE ANNOUNCED LATER” or showing invalid USN then there is no reason to panic, it will be declared shortly.
Note: VTU PRO is not modifying or changing any part in the VTU results which you obtain on the screen. We are just redirecting to the URL entered by the students and results provided here are the data which are displayed on the official like result vtu ac in and results.vtu.ac in website for each USN, so we do not take any responsibility for any invalid result or broken results. VTU PRO is trying to reduce the load on the official site by sending single request per USN. During the announcement of VTU results, there are high chances of the official website going down or not responding. We request everyone to stay calm and try to reload the page as long as you find your results.

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