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VTU ECE 7th Sem Notes Free Download

Download the VTU ECE 7th sem notes of subjects Computer Communication Networks, Optical Fiber Communication, Image Processing, Embedded System, DSP Algorithms & architecture, Power Electronics and Real-Time Systems in PDF format for free.

VTU ECE 7th Sem Notes Free Download In PDF Format

Computer Communication Networks CCN Notes

Subject Code: 10EC71

  • Introduction To Networks
  • Data Link Control – OSI Model
  • Medium Access Control (MAC)
  • Wired LAN
  • Connecting LANs
  • Network Layer

Computer Communication Networks Notes Download

Optical Fiber Communication Notes

Subject Code: 10EC72

  • Overview of Optical Fiber Communication
  • Transmission Characteristics of Optical Fibers
  • Optical Sources and Detectors
  • Fiber Couplers and Connectors
  • Optical Receiver
  • Analog and Digital Links
  • WDM Concepts and Components
  • Optical Amplifiers and Networks

Optical Fiber Communication Notes Download

Power Electronics Notes Download

Subject Code: 10EC73

  • Power Semiconductor Devices
  • Power Transistors
  • Thyristors
  • Commutation Techniques
  • Controlled Rectifiers
  • Choppers
  • Inverters
  • AC Voltage Controllers

Power Electronics Notes Download

Embedded System Design Notes

Subject Code: 10EC74

  • Introduction to Embedded System
  • The Hardware Side
  • Memories and the Memory Subsystem
  • Embedded Systems Design and Development
  • Real-Time Kernels and Operating Systems
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization

Embedded System Design Notes Download

DSP Algorithms & Architecture Notes

Subject Code: 10EC751

  • Introduction to digital signal processing
  • Architectures for programmable digital signal processors
  • Programmable digital signal processors
  • Instructions and programming
  • Implementation of basic DSP algorithms
  • Implementation of FFT algorithms
  • Interfacing memory and parallel i/o peripherals to DSP devices
  • Interfacing and applications of DSP processor

DSP Algorithms & Architecture Notes Download

Real Time Systems Notes

Subject Code: 10EC762

  • Introduction to Real-Time Systems
  • Concepts of Computers Control
  • Computer Hardware Requirements for RTS
  • Languages For Real-Time Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • Design of RTSS General Introduction
  • RTS Development Methodologies

Real Time Systems Notes Download

Image Processing VTU ECE 7th Sem Notes

Subject Code: 10EC763

  • Digital image fundamentals
  • Image sensing and acquisition
  • Image transforms
  • Discrete cosine transform
  • Image enhancement
  • Basics of spatial filtering image enhancement in the frequency domain filters
  • Model of image degradation/restoration process
  • Color fundamentals

Image Processing Notes Download

 The above notes are for VTU students studying in the 7th Sem for the branch electronics and communication engineering. Embedded System Design notes are from Arun Kumar and the rest of the sources are SJBIT etc. All the notes are available in PDF format and are printable. If any of your elective subjects are missing feel free to comment down below.

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