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VTU Crash Course Examination Application Forms for 5th and 7th Semester

VTU Crash Course Submission of online Examination Application Forms Last Date for 5th and 7th Semester

Online filing of examination application forms for 5th and 7th Semester students admitted under Crash/Extricating semester is scheduled dates are given below.

Schedule for filing online examination application form:   

 Starting date for filing of applications:

3rd May 2017

 Last date for filing of applications:

5th May 2017


1. URL: http://www examform.vtu.ac.in/vtucr

2. The same login ID and Password provided for revaluation application entry shall be used for this purpose.

3. Principals of respective institutions shall identify a coordinator for entry of applications received from the students.

4. The coordinator has to log in with the respective ID and Password.

5. After the login with the college id and password, enter the USN, select semester and submit.

6. Fill the required information in the profile information part. Eligibility needs to be selected carefully.

7. After the profile information part, their application, wherein all the subjects of the is subject to apply part in the semester and branch to which the candidate is applying will be displayed. While applying for the seventh semester, elective subjects need to be selected from the drop-down menu provided.

8. Check the declaration and submit the application.

9. After submitting the application, the entire information filed against the respective candidate will be displayed. Check the data entered for its correctness, if any data needs to be changed, click on the UPDATE button, which will enable you to update the information OR click on Print to take a printout of the application submitted and GENERATE ADMISSION TICKET to take admission ticket printout.

10. Take a printout of application of each candidate and retain a copy of the same with candidate’s signature.

11. Ask the candidate to affix his photo on the admission ticket. The admission ticket shall be issued to the candidate with the signature of the Principal after ascertaining his eligibility.

12. The total fee for this exam is Rs. 560/-. (Examination fee Rs. 500+Marks Card Fee Rs.50/— + Application Fee of Rs.l0/—)

13. Following report formats are available

a. College and semester wise report,

b. College wise

c. College and branch wise report,

take a printout of the consolidated list by using college wise report, selecting “General” in SELECT TYPE and submit the same to the office of the undersigned along with the single DD for the fee collected on or before 9th May 2017.


1. This examination is only for the students admitted under Crash/Extricating semester.

2. These students will not be eligible to apply for 5th or 7th-semester subjects during June / July 2017 Examinations.

3. Students who are having backlog subjects of 5th and 7th semester should not apply for these examinations.

4. The results of this examinations will be announced along with June /July 2017 Examinations.

5. Withholding admission tickets of the students who are having the shortage of attendance is the responsibility of the college.

6. The students admitted to Crash/Extricating semester can apply for these examinations for the respective semester subjects only.

7. For queries, if any, please send an email to [email protected], specifically mentioning the subject as “Crash Course Exam Form Queries”.

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