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VTU Chemistry Cycle Notes Free Download CBCS Scheme

VTU Chemistry C Cycle Notes Free Download PDF For CBCS Scheme

Engineering Mathematics M 1 Notes

Subject Code: 15MAT11

  • Differential Calculus- I : Module I
  • Differential Calculus- II : Module II
  • Vector Calculus : Module : III
  • Integral Calculus : Module : IV
  • Linear Algebra : Module V

Engineering Mathematics M 2 Notes

Subject Code: 15MAT21

  • Differential Equations – I : Module I
  • Differential Equations – II : Module II
  • Partial Differential Equations : Module III
  • Integral Calculus : Module IV
  • Laplace Transforms : Module V

Engineering Chemistry Notes

Subject Code: 15CHE12/22

  • Electrochemistry and Battery Technology : Module I
  • Corrosion and Metal Finishing : Module II
  • Fuels and Solar Energy : Module III
  • Polymers : Module IV
  • Water Technology and Nanomaterials : Module V

Programming in C Data Structures Notes

Subject Code: 15PCD13/23

  • Introduction to C Language : Module I
  • Branching and Looping : Module II
  • Arrays, Strings and Functions : Module III
  • Structures and File Management : Module IV
  • Pointers and Preprocessors : Module V

Basic Electronics Engineering Notes

Subject Code: 15ELN15/25

  • Semiconductor Diodes and Applications : Module I
  • Bipolar Junction Transistor : Module I
  • BJT Biasing and Introduction to Operational amplifiers : Module II
  • Digital Electronics : Module III
  • Flip-Flops and Microcontrollers : Module IV
  • Communication systems and Transducers : Module V

Environmental Studies Engineering Notes

Subject Code: 15CIV18

  • Introduction Environment : Module I
  • Natural Resources and Different types of Energy : Module II
  • Environmental Pollution and Global Environmental Issues : Module III
  • Air Pollution and Waste Management : Module IV
  • GIS & Remote sensing, and Environmental Acts & Regulations : Module V

All the notes mentioned above are for VTU students studying in chemistry or C cycle. Notes are applicalicable for both 1st and 2nd sem students of CBCS scheme. Download free VTU Notes in pdf format. There are no notes for lab experiments but we got eLearning videos which would help in uderstanding a lot better than any materials.

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